Pros And Cons Of Wearing Sandals On A Trip

Going on a vacation and still deciding on which footwear to choose that is comfortable yet fashionable, and then choose to wear the sandals. These are definitely best to be worn when you are going to sandy beaches. However take care that the heel strap and the part in front do not start wearing at the skin. They tend to burst immediately and this leaves behind sores. This can really spoil your vacation then.

I found the best sandals for walking here, if you thought so then also be careful to not wear them in cases where there are chances of flooding. There will be no other option than to plough through the flood in your sandals.

And if you have got the blisters on your feet then be prepared for abrasions on your feet because bruises invites infection. There have been conditions where travellers had huge medical conditions because they wore sandals on their feet even though their sore was mild. This is because the ground that you walk on with your sandals is full of bacteria which can cause infections. This can lead to serious infections.

So if you are planning to wear sandals to your next trip then remember to wear sandals if it is a beach destination, but nowhere else. If you have any sores on your feet then it is best to avoid sandals. Or you will have to bandage them up because an open cut can cause serious problems. Small wounds can also lead to big infections.

However if you are travelling on a budget and want to travel light that sandals are the best option because they go well as day as well as a night wear. It is important to take care that you choose only comfortable sandals with either a flat or a block heel and made of material that will not led to bruises on your feet.

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Getting A Vietnam Tourist Visa For U.S. Citizens

A lot of people believe that having a US passport will not require them to apply for a visa to visit any other country in the world. However this does not hold true for Vietnam. Vietnam government is yet to extend its visa waiver to the United States which further means that all the citizens of US need a visa while traveling to Vietnam.

Applying in person

Getting a Vietnam Tourist Visa for U.S. citizens costs around $100 and requires a processing time of 2-3 days. The first step is to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Of Vietnam Visa Application page. The second step is to tap on the ‘Fill the Form’ tab in order to begin the completion of the online visa application. After this step you need to put forth your purpose of visit that should ideally read as tourism.

If you happen to be a US citizen, Vietnam offers you three locations that you could choose from while you are applying in person. These three locations are New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Once you have filled out the application, you will get a popup reminder that will remind you to personally appear at the required location to apply for the visa.

The items that you need to carry along are a completed online application form, your current passport, a recent passport size photograph and a visa approval or reference number. The visas that are categorized under NG1 and NG2 are generally issued within 1 working day.

The biggest advantage of this type of application is the facts that there is quick turnaround if there happens to be emergencies so that there you do not need to wait in longer queues at the airport. The only disadvantage is the fact that you might have to travel to any of the other destinations that will incur more cost.

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5 Must-Visit Museums in Vladimir, Russia that are Worth Your Time

Vladimir offers numerous museums to tourists, catering to a variety of interests and niches. While you may not be able to visit them all during a trip, there are a couple of museums that you shouldn’t miss to visit.

If your travel schedule is tight, considering visiting three to five museums on this list, whatever suits your fancy.

History Museum

Featuring a collection of replicas and remains of the decorations of two churches in Vladimir: the Assumption and Dmitry’s cathedrals. Visitors will be taken to a tour of Vladimir history from Kyivan princes to the revolution of 1917.

Gingerbread Museum

A visit to this colorful museum is truly a one-of-a-kind experience: you’ll get to taste the traditional Russian delicacy and decorate it in a master-class. And the reward when you’re done with the painting session? A piece of gingerbread and a cup of comforting, hot black tea.

Spoon Museum

Yes, you read it right—there’s actually a museum in Vladimir dedicated to spoons. Quirky as it sounds, the museum educates visitors about the spoon by highlighting its production techniques and methods, as well as its history. The traditional crafts museum exhibits tableware for the White House, Windsor dynasty’s coronation spoons, a love spoon from Wales, and other intricately designed spoons.

Museum of Crystal and Lacquer Miniatures

Inside the Trinity Church lies an interesting display of Vladimir’s arts and crafts housed in the Museum of Crystal and Lacquer Miniatures.

“Old Vladimir” Museum

Situated in a former 19th-century water tower, this small museum features ancient Vladimir at its finest. The collection includes samples of Tsarist-era publications and room interiors, photos of ancient Vladimir streets, and more about the old Vladimir’s way of life.

The most interesting part of the museum is its observation deck at the top of the tower where you can revel in the view of the modern Vladimir.

At Vladimir, you won’t run out of museums to visit. If your time in Vladimir is limited, just pick the best ones that suit your taste as a traveler

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10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Vladimir: A Quick Guide for Visitors

Traveling to Vladimir anytime soon? Apart from browsing through travel guides about the city, it’s also good to learn some fun, interesting facts about it. That way, it’s easier to appreciate the city the moment you visit it.

Here’s a compilation of 10 facts you didn’t know about Vladimir:

  1. Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian cities, being founded in 990 (according to city officials).
  2. The name of the city came from its founder Vladimir the Great, the respected leader of Kiev who is known for adopting Christianity in 988.
  3. Prior to the 1990s, the city had recognized a different founder: Prince Vladimir Monomakh, who established a fortress in the city in 1108 that’s named after himself.
  4. Vladimir is one of Russia’s biggest tourist destinations. It offers plenty of cathedrals, museums, and other architectural wonders, so tourists can make the most out of their visit there.
  5. The city has a lot of museums that tourists can visit, but two of them stand out because of their quirkiness: the Gingerbread Museum and the Spoon Museum.
  6. Tourists who love chocolates, listen up! There’s a chocolate factory in Vladimir that manufactures Nutella, Raffaello, and Kinder chocolates. You may want to pay a visit.
  7. Mainly an industrial area, the city’s income is sourced from its major industries: agriculture, manufacturing, chemical, and electronics. It is the main industrial hub of Central Russia.
  8. The city is home to not just one but three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the St. Dmitry and Assumption Cathedrals and the Golden Gate.
  9. There are more than 300,000 residents in the city.
  10. Young people in Vladimir have an active night life—they love playing casinos and billiards, drinking in bars, and singing Russian songs in karaoke.

With these fun pieces of trivia, we hope to amp up your excitement as your visit to Vladimir approaches. Enjoy your trip!

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Vladimir City Travel Guide: 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Must Visit

Did you know that the city of Vladimir is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites? These remarkable structures reveal a lot about ancient Russian architecture and history.

So if you’re going to travel to Russia soon, make sure to include Vladimir in your itinerary. Make that educational, cultural visit to the city that boasts of breathtaking architecture. Here’s what you need to know about Vladimir’s UNESCO World Heritage sites:

Golden Gate

History and architecture enthusiasts will be in awe paying a visit to this eight-century-old building. Built in 1164 under the rule of Andrei Bogolyubsky, the Gate showcases 12th-century Russian military architecture and is touted as the city’s most prominent unofficial symbol. The gate has a stunning view of the city and a stone staircase that leads to the Military Museum that features a wonderful diorama of the old city in the 12th century.

St. Dmitry’s Cathedral

Another old structure in Vladimir, St. Dmitry’s Cathedral was constructed from 1194 to 1197 in honor of “Big Nest,” the patron of Prince Vsevolod. The building is made of white stone, and all over the walls are ornamental designs that show many Russian princes and their activities. The exterior has detailed fretworks, but the interior of the cathedral has simple decorations.

Assumption Cathedral

Standing next to the St. Dmitry’s Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral was built in 1158 to signify the relevance and power of Vladimir-Suzdal principality. It is considered one of the most interesting and significant structures of the ancient Russian architecture.

From the outside, the building looks very huge. And when you step into the Cathedral, intricate decorations and richly painted walls will welcome you.

These three sites are a must-visit when you travel to Russia. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don’t forget to take snaps of the stunning buildings

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