Top Tips for Eating Heathy While Traveling

Probably the biggest effect of traveling is on your sante. The change in weather, water, food and the general disruption of a regular routine leading to untimely meals and long grueling, fun-filled no doubt, days of physical exertion can take a toll on your health. But if you can plan and prepare before a trip what to eat and what to take handy you should have no issues.

Here are a few tips to make it smooth sailing.

  1. Carry healthy snacks: Nuts, fresh fruits and maybe rice crackers must find a place in your handbag at all times. They can keep hunger pangs at bay and are nutritious unlike junk food like chips.
  2. Hydrate with water: Water is the best drink during travel and please do not substitute it with any sugary drink. Carry your own bottled water everywhere you go.
  3. Don’t skip meals: As far as possible do not skip the three major meals of the day. Frequent intake every four to six hours will give your body the fuel it needs for the sightseeing and fun activities.
  4. Control liquid calories: A common mistake during traveling is to reach for sugary drinks to satiate thirst and at times hunger too. This leads to an excess of calories and very honestly does not make the hunger go away. Drink if you must but always share with others and this will reduce the number of empty calories that you take.
  5. Don’t deny the pleasure of exquisite cuisine: You are on a holiday and you must enjoy every moment. Do not deny yourself a dessert on the menu because you want to control the calories. Once again share it with your family, this will ensure that you are satisfied but not gone overboard.

Traveling is fun as one discovers new cultures and new cuisines and gather a lifetime of experiences and memories. Just by being aware of what you eat, you can ensure that your digestive system stays on track even after a vacation.

10 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

Is it true that you are obsessed with traveling, or are aware of somebody who is? You might not be the only person! Here’s a couple of signs to discover.

  • A huge bucket list

In case your bucket list for traveling looks like a massive novel, it depicts you are addicted to traveling.

  • Working to fund the upcoming adventure trip

In case your cash dries out and you get the ordinary life and employment for some time basically to satisfy the charge card and reserve your upcoming expedition, you may be a travel freak!

  • Utilizing airport codes

In case while booking, discussing or arranging your outing, you intuitively utilize air terminal codes as opposed to city names you may be a someone who is addicted to flying!

  • Having frequent status for flying

In case you possess long-standing customer status with in excess of one aircraft you may be a travel maniac.

  • Filled passport

In case you have completed a fresh passport even before the expiration date has been reached, it clearly shows how addicted you are to travel.

  • Lacking in artistic works

In case your house lacks the designs of artistic crafts, rather loaded up with maps and travelogue memories, it shows how enthusiastic you are on moving around the world.

  • Cost comparisons

In case while thinking about the expenses of ordinary buys, you think as far as how long you could go for on that sum clearly signifies the adventurous spirit of traveling in you.

  • Various currencies

In case you have various countries currencies in your pocket as a safe keep, you are a person travels quite often on a wild spree.

  • Moving in advance

In case you have already booked the upcoming enormous outing before coming back from your present one, you are a person who can’t get enough of adventures.

  • Booking excitements

In case of booking for flights, reservations actions and encounters for forthcoming excursions provide you great excitement, you are a travel maniac.

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Camping Trip in 2018

Planning on a camping trip? Here is the ultimate guide to help you plan the perfect camping trip in 2018:


Research about the place you would like to visit. It is always better to have a backup option so that you can collect enough information about both the places, weigh the pros and cons and then decide.

If you are fixated about a particular spot, read up as much as possible on the place and blogs by people who have already been there. This will give you a detailed insight into what you can expect when you camp there.


Buy required items in advance. There are perishables you cannot buy until the last minute bit other regular items can be bought in advance. This will give you time to hunt for missing items if any and not land you in a stressful situation, close to your trip.


Decide on your company. Be it, family or friends, brief them about the trip so that they are well aware of what to expect. When you are surprised with the certain unexpected turn of events, you will require the support of your companions who are as well prepared as you.

If you feel they are not the right crowd for such a trip, you should consider avoiding them as a camping trip can be a big failure when it is done with the wrong people.


Pack all essentials first and then the extras, depending on weight and space left. When you get the essentials out of the way, you can play around with the space left and not be stressed at the camping site because you forgot to pack something in a hurry.

Just because you are going to be out in the woods, you need not carry the best saw you read about on Ensure you get a checklist from the tour operator or from the website of the place you are visiting. The tour guides will know what is really required and help you bring the essentials.

Travel Report: Statistics And Facts

Travel has come a long way from what used to be purely for work or luxury. Today, even those who cannot afford much, travel around the world, but on a different budget line. People have become more conscious about traveling to unique destinations, budgeted travel and simple to have more fun than making a statement to the society.

Afraid of travel? Worried it may not match up to your expectations or you may be required to do things you would otherwise not do? Being skeptical about a new place and adventure is acceptable, but you cannot let it become a fear and consume your travel opportunities.

Some Facts

Here are some facts about travel in the last few years. This will show you how everyone has opened up to the idea of visiting new places and gain new experiences.


·         Leisure travelers, who used to travel regularly, have reduced their travel to once or twice a year. They opt for longer travel than frequent travel. This enables them to enjoy a place more and get a taste of the local lifestyle, rather than just get more stamps on their passports.

·         People research more about travel before they head out. People do not trust travel agents blindly. With smartphones usage on the rise, people research more about places on their phones, go to the travel agent armed with information and get a personalized itinerary of their choice.


So, How to Stop being afraid of travelling?

Well, you should first get a group together and plan a trip. Bring together a group of people whom you trust and are comfortable with. When you are comfortable, you tend to enjoy more and let go of all your inhibitions.

Travel can be a lot more fun and a true opportunity to gain life-changing experiences. The secret is to embrace the opportunity and go with an open mind.

Find Out The Essentials You Need When Traveling

When planned right travel can be a lot of fun rather than stressful. One main component to pay attention to for a stress-free travel is to ensure you carry all your essentials. Check on websites like LastMinuteWeb Sunjets and you can get yourself a checklist.

Here are some of the essentials one needs while traveling:

  • Clothing – Take enough clothing to keep you warm and dry. This does not mean you need to carry two or more pairs per day. Carry one set for 2 days if your travel distance and duration are long. You can always get them laundered or mix and match to create a new look.
  • Toiletries – Though many hotels and resorts provide toiletries, it is always safe to carry a small number of your essential toiletries. This is because one cannot be sure if the hotel will provide everything you need and if the provided products will suit your skin. A skin infection or a health issue is the last thing one needs when on a trip.
  • Chargers – Ensure you are carrying a charger for all your electronic devices. Be it your mobile phone or camera, they need to be recharged. Ensure you are carrying the right chargers for the right devices.
  • Charging Pins – Different countries have different sockets. Check the type of socket in the country you are visiting and get a pin accordingly. Many electronic stores stock multi-pin chargers that can be used with a variety of sockets. Carrying a couple of these will save you a lot of trouble.
  • Medicines – If you are allergic to something or have health issues, ensure you are carrying enough medicines to suffice for the entire trip and a week more. this extra is required, in case of an emergency or a delay in your return dates. One cannot find the same medicine in another country and most of the countries require a prescription to buy medicines.

Advice About How To Store Your Sex Toys When Travelling

There is no denying the fact that sex toys are your lifelines; irrespective of whether you have a partner or not. If you have a partner to share the toys with you, they are probably very close to both of you. These toys add much-needed drama to your bedroom scenes and elevate your sexual experience to a different level altogether. However, what is really not paid much attention is their storage, especially while traveling. Here is an article to help you extend the shelf line of your precious sex toys.

The thumb rule

The thumb rule is to keep your sex toys clean even when you are traveling and might not use it for a while. It is very important to maintain proper hygiene when you are storing your sex toys so that you do not end up with an infection on a holiday.

Keep them dry

Always ensure that your sex toys are absolutely dry before you pack and store them. If you leave the slightest bit of moisture on it, it will be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that will not only be harmful to you but could also damage the material of your toys.

Always store in a completely dry place and preferably not in plastic bags.

Keep one away from the other

Did you know that your precious little pink jelly dildo could chemically react with your very important rubber vibrator and come up with not-so-pleasant results? Yes, if you have cute squishy sex toys, you would rather keep them away from one another in boxes or bags that are resistant to bacteria.

You could also invest in high-quality sex toys that come along with their own safe bags or pouches so that travel plans do not end up dampening your kinky spirit. Find the best quality sex toys at Love Plugs and never miss a chance to be kinky again!

Tips to choose the right accommodation in koh samui

Koh Samui has a very small surface area- 245 Sq.Km. However, the choices to find the right place to stay is nothing but spectacular. With hundreds of hotels and resorts, and thousands of Privately owned villas and luxury beach bungalows, a tourist to these areas is spoiled for choice. For instance, the Koh Samui villa rental offers exceptional spa services that meet international standards and you will find yourself wanting to stay longer!

The only down here is that with so many options, it seems overwhelming to choose one amongst so many. We have put down a few pointers that will help you make the right choice.

-Since Koh Samui is essentially a beach town, it is essential that you pick the kind of beach you would want proximity to. For instance, the sand texture, suitability, and the areas it is close to and so on. Do make sure you include the kind of food you would like to sample and of course activities that are offered around the beach. You can then search for properties in that area.

-The location is also key. We have seen that there are travelers that prefer to stay on the beach and hence beach properties suit them the best. But there are others that swear by a view and hence it is better to come to an understanding if you want a property that overlooks the beach or one that is close to one. A large part of this decision should be based on transportation and your purpose for vacationing huge list of properties in ko samui.

-Every traveler works with a budget and you should have a figure in mind before you begin your search. Once you have zeroed in on the beach and the location, your budget will narrow down your choices even further. There are options galore for people traveling with tight budgets and the same with those that want a luxurious holiday.

Some beach villas I’ll never forget

Finding the best beach villa is hard when there is so many to choose from. I have been travelling abroad for many years now and have stayed in some amazing countries with stunning beaches and villas that stand the test of time, both in terms of beauty and location. A beach villa must have a lot of specifications to make it on to my top 10 beach villas and below I have listed some of my favorite. I got a nice beach villa here last summer and this is for those who want something special from their holiday destination.

I love scuba diving and riding jet skis which means that the beach villa must be close to a local town/city for me to hire and take back to my beach villa. This also makes it practical for when exploring, eating out and fine dining too if I want. My and my partner love walking along the beach and exploring the surrounding areas, which adds to the holiday experience. I also prefer a villa that has a pool for those days that I want to lay around the pool and get a tan under the sun.

One of my favorite beach villas of all-time is Presidential Villa at Azura, which is stunning and made to indulge all your senses with stunning views, crystal clear pools and a beach that stretches for miles. The beach offers scuba diving a few miles away from the villa and makes for an amazing activity when wanting to dive and see the underworld of the sea. They have a variety of fish diversity and is an amazing sight that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Greece has some stunning beaches and the villas are at affordable prices. Tinos KP is a well-known villa for tourists wanting to indulge in pure luxury. This villa has everything from heating tiles for at night to stunning pools that are surrounding with views that are next to none in terms of beauty.

Best Activities To Do In The UAE

No matter, whether you are visiting the UAE for the first time or the nth time, every time, the experience you gain and the list of activities you get to perform is unique that makes this country one of the interesting holiday destinations of the ‘Middle East’. Not only that, people belonging to any nationality and any age group could find this place thoroughly accommodating and that is why, one of its important cities and indeed, the largest city of the country, the Dubai is referred as ‘The Center of Now’. If you are looking for the list of activities suitable for you in this accommodating country, check our mind-blowing suggestions below!

  • Tourist attractions

From mosques to museums, there are a plethora of tourist attractions to excite yours and your family’s holiday spirit, which you can find only in few other destinations of the world. The prominent ‘Burj Khalifa’ is indeed the main attraction spot of the country, from where you can not only witness the exquisite nature of the city/country but also the exquisite nature of the ‘mother nature’ itself!I went for the attraction in dubai, specifically, because the choices are inclusive that can satisfy the unique taste of every person in your family belonging to every age group!

  • Lavish food

Perhaps, you might have witnessed luxury in everything, except for the food, which you can now witness by visiting this lavish food-hub of the Middle East. From stuffed camel meat to Balaleet, you can get to taste the unique food varieties that are not readily available in the other parts of the world. Although the place is exclusively non-vegetarian friendly, it can certainly support the preferences of a vegetarian lover by offering top-class vegetarian food varieties all throughout the year, so earnestly!

  • Enough pampering

While holidaying in the UAE, you have enough spa choices to pamper yourself, which can be a welcoming relief, especially after your exhausted touring of popular attraction sites. You can decide, how to pamper yourself that is by following which international style of spa service, a unique quality that is only rarely found in other tourist destinations of the world.

Where Are The Best Italian Restaurants?

If you have a special taste for Italian food, then do not let your taste buds be kept waiting for some delectable pizzas or pasta. Even when you are traveling you can find about some Great Italian Restaurants Near Me.

All that you need to do is to bring out your smartphone and start searching for the Italian restaurants in your locality. There are a number of apps that let you look for restaurants. These apps tell you about the restaurants that are close to where you are presently located. Thanks to the GPS system that allows the smartphone to track your current location. Based on where you are at the moment, the map will recommend restaurants close to you.

Filter the options

Once you get the list just filter the options to look only for the Italian restaurants. This will pop up the names of the Italian restaurants a well as the distance that these restaurants are located from where you are. You can then check the menu and the restaurant reviews online. Most of the restaurants also publish their menu with the price which makes it easy for you to look for a restaurant that suits your budget. You also get reviews that let you decide on the best restaurant if you are new in the locality. These reviews may also include some suggestions of the popular dish in a particular Italian restaurant. Why not give that a try?

Try the restaurant app

Most of the restaurants also have their own mobile app. So in case you know which restaurant to order from, you can browse through the restaurant app and this will let you place the order easily. If you are tired after a daylong travel then check if the restaurant offers free delivery or a pickup facility. If not you may just want to book a table using their app which will save you from a long waiting.

What Do I Need To Go On Holiday?

A lot of us might have experienced situations where once we reach our holiday destination, we remember so many things that we should have carried but forgot to carry and as a result, the entire trip becomes a mess.

There are many things that one needs while going for a holiday. Some are mentioned below:

  • First and foremost important thing is to carry your travel tickets if you are traveling by flights. You do not want chaos at the last moment. So, better keep it carefully.
  • If you are going on a road trip then get your car checked thoroughly before you hit the road.
  • It is always better to carry your identity proof. You never know when you may just require it for your verification.
  • Whenever you go for a vacation, you must carry an appropriate travel bag. The luggage comes in different sizes and you must choose the one that is suitable for the duration you will be holidaying.
  • Keep a first aid box with you because mostly during holidays there are high chances that you may indulge in some adventure or some hiking or maybe some water sports. So, you may end up getting hurt. Thus, better to keep some band-aids and other ointments and medicines handy.
  • Do not forget to carry your phone charger which is nowadays so essential because a lot of important information is saved on your mobile phone that might be needed while traveling. Also, do not forget to carry your cash and credit cards which will be required when you are on vacation.
  • If you have plans to go for a beach holiday then do carry your sunscreen after all who wants to get completely tanned.
  • If you are fond of capturing beautiful sceneries then do not forget to keep your camera with you.

Car travel: everything you need to hire a travel vehicle

There are those travelers who like autonomy and freedom to decide what they want to see when they want to see and if they want to see. They are the kinds that abhor group tours and savor the wheels in their hands. While there are advantages to be on your own whether traveling internally or in a foreign land, there are certain guidelines that you must be aware of before hiring any vehicle.

A few things that you must be clear about before you hire a car is what is the purpose of the car – is it for a business trip or for a more adventurous one (often the car rental agency will guide you on which vehicle is suited for which terrain). The next step is what is the budget and how do you plan to pay – online via credit card or with cash in the storefront. Once that is sorted you need to have the following documents in hand before you hire a vehicle anywhere in the world.

  • Driver’s license and passport: You cannot hire a car without a valid driving license. In a foreign land along with your license, you need your passport.
  • International Driving Permit: This is a document that certifies that you are capable of driving a vehicle elsewhere in the world other than your native land. It must have a12 month validity.
  • Address proof: You must carry with you documents relating to your place of stay. It can be a bank statement or utility bills if you belong to the same country in other cases your hotel booking reference maybe needed. Some dealers ask for a credit card statement if you choose to use it for payment.
  • Travel documents: Some companies require copies of your flight tickets or hotel bookings to ascertain your identity.

It is important that you read all the terms and conditions of a car rental agency before hiring a car. Car and Climate is a reputable agency that hires cars and motorhome to tourists to Scotland; my father hired a motorhome in Scotland from here and was very pleased with the condition of the vehicle and the service of the staff.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Sandals On A Trip

Going on a vacation and still deciding on which footwear to choose that is comfortable yet fashionable, and then choose to wear the sandals. These are definitely best to be worn when you are going to sandy beaches. However take care that the heel strap and the part in front do not start wearing at the skin. They tend to burst immediately and this leaves behind sores. This can really spoil your vacation then.

I found the best sandals for walking here, if you thought so then also be careful to not wear them in cases where there are chances of flooding. There will be no other option than to plough through the flood in your sandals.

And if you have got the blisters on your feet then be prepared for abrasions on your feet because bruises invites infection. There have been conditions where travellers had huge medical conditions because they wore sandals on their feet even though their sore was mild. This is because the ground that you walk on with your sandals is full of bacteria which can cause infections. This can lead to serious infections.

So if you are planning to wear sandals to your next trip then remember to wear sandals if it is a beach destination, but nowhere else. If you have any sores on your feet then it is best to avoid sandals. Or you will have to bandage them up because an open cut can cause serious problems. Small wounds can also lead to big infections.

However if you are travelling on a budget and want to travel light that sandals are the best option because they go well as day as well as a night wear. It is important to take care that you choose only comfortable sandals with either a flat or a block heel and made of material that will not led to bruises on your feet.

5 Must-Visit Museums in Vladimir, Russia that are Worth Your Time

Vladimir offers numerous museums to tourists, catering to a variety of interests and niches. While you may not be able to visit them all during a trip, there are a couple of museums that you shouldn’t miss to visit.

If your travel schedule is tight, considering visiting three to five museums on this list, whatever suits your fancy.

History Museum

Featuring a collection of replicas and remains of the decorations of two churches in Vladimir: the Assumption and Dmitry’s cathedrals. Visitors will be taken to a tour of Vladimir history from Kyivan princes to the revolution of 1917.

Gingerbread Museum

A visit to this colorful museum is truly a one-of-a-kind experience: you’ll get to taste the traditional Russian delicacy and decorate it in a master-class. And the reward when you’re done with the painting session? A piece of gingerbread and a cup of comforting, hot black tea.

Spoon Museum

Yes, you read it right—there’s actually a museum in Vladimir dedicated to spoons. Quirky as it sounds, the museum educates visitors about the spoon by highlighting its production techniques and methods, as well as its history. The traditional crafts museum exhibits tableware for the White House, Windsor dynasty’s coronation spoons, a love spoon from Wales, and other intricately designed spoons.

Museum of Crystal and Lacquer Miniatures

Inside the Trinity Church lies an interesting display of Vladimir’s arts and crafts housed in the Museum of Crystal and Lacquer Miniatures.

“Old Vladimir” Museum

Situated in a former 19th-century water tower, this small museum features ancient Vladimir at its finest. The collection includes samples of Tsarist-era publications and room interiors, photos of ancient Vladimir streets, and more about the old Vladimir’s way of life.

The most interesting part of the museum is its observation deck at the top of the tower where you can revel in the view of the modern Vladimir.

At Vladimir, you won’t run out of museums to visit. If your time in Vladimir is limited, just pick the best ones that suit your taste as a traveler

10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Vladimir: A Quick Guide for Visitors

Traveling to Vladimir anytime soon? Apart from browsing through travel guides about the city, it’s also good to learn some fun, interesting facts about it. That way, it’s easier to appreciate the city the moment you visit it.

Here’s a compilation of 10 facts you didn’t know about Vladimir:

  1. Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian cities, being founded in 990 (according to city officials).
  2. The name of the city came from its founder Vladimir the Great, the respected leader of Kiev who is known for adopting Christianity in 988.
  3. Prior to the 1990s, the city had recognized a different founder: Prince Vladimir Monomakh, who established a fortress in the city in 1108 that’s named after himself.
  4. Vladimir is one of Russia’s biggest tourist destinations. It offers plenty of cathedrals, museums, and other architectural wonders, so tourists can make the most out of their visit there.
  5. The city has a lot of museums that tourists can visit, but two of them stand out because of their quirkiness: the Gingerbread Museum and the Spoon Museum.
  6. Tourists who love chocolates, listen up! There’s a chocolate factory in Vladimir that manufactures Nutella, Raffaello, and Kinder chocolates. You may want to pay a visit.
  7. Mainly an industrial area, the city’s income is sourced from its major industries: agriculture, manufacturing, chemical, and electronics. It is the main industrial hub of Central Russia.
  8. The city is home to not just one but three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the St. Dmitry and Assumption Cathedrals and the Golden Gate.
  9. There are more than 300,000 residents in the city.
  10. Young people in Vladimir have an active night life—they love playing casinos and billiards, drinking in bars, and singing Russian songs in karaoke.

With these fun pieces of trivia, we hope to amp up your excitement as your visit to Vladimir approaches. Enjoy your trip!

Vladimir City Travel Guide: 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Must Visit

Did you know that the city of Vladimir is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites? These remarkable structures reveal a lot about ancient Russian architecture and history.

So if you’re going to travel to Russia soon, make sure to include Vladimir in your itinerary. Make that educational, cultural visit to the city that boasts of breathtaking architecture. Here’s what you need to know about Vladimir’s UNESCO World Heritage sites:

Golden Gate

History and architecture enthusiasts will be in awe paying a visit to this eight-century-old building. Built in 1164 under the rule of Andrei Bogolyubsky, the Gate showcases 12th-century Russian military architecture and is touted as the city’s most prominent unofficial symbol. The gate has a stunning view of the city and a stone staircase that leads to the Military Museum that features a wonderful diorama of the old city in the 12th century.

St. Dmitry’s Cathedral

Another old structure in Vladimir, St. Dmitry’s Cathedral was constructed from 1194 to 1197 in honor of “Big Nest,” the patron of Prince Vsevolod. The building is made of white stone, and all over the walls are ornamental designs that show many Russian princes and their activities. The exterior has detailed fretworks, but the interior of the cathedral has simple decorations.

Assumption Cathedral

Standing next to the St. Dmitry’s Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral was built in 1158 to signify the relevance and power of Vladimir-Suzdal principality. It is considered one of the most interesting and significant structures of the ancient Russian architecture.

From the outside, the building looks very huge. And when you step into the Cathedral, intricate decorations and richly painted walls will welcome you.

These three sites are a must-visit when you travel to Russia. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so don’t forget to take snaps of the stunning buildings