Tips to choose the right accommodation in koh samui

Koh Samui has a very small surface area- 245 Sq.Km. However, the choices to find the right place to stay is nothing but spectacular. With hundreds of hotels and resorts, and thousands of Privately owned villas and luxury beach bungalows, a tourist to these areas is spoiled for choice. For instance, the Koh Samui villa rental offers exceptional spa services that meet international standards and you will find yourself wanting to stay longer!

The only down here is that with so many options, it seems overwhelming to choose one amongst so many. We have put down a few pointers that will help you make the right choice.

-Since Koh Samui is essentially a beach town, it is essential that you pick the kind of beach you would want proximity to. For instance, the sand texture, suitability, and the areas it is close to and so on. Do make sure you include the kind of food you would like to sample and of course activities that are offered around the beach. You can then search for properties in that area.

-The location is also key. We have seen that there are travelers that prefer to stay on the beach and hence beach properties suit them the best. But there are others that swear by a view and hence it is better to come to an understanding if you want a property that overlooks the beach or one that is close to one. A large part of this decision should be based on transportation and your purpose for vacationing huge list of properties in ko samui.

-Every traveler works with a budget and you should have a figure in mind before you begin your search. Once you have zeroed in on the beach and the location, your budget will narrow down your choices even further. There are options galore for people traveling with tight budgets and the same with those that want a luxurious holiday.

Some beach villas I’ll never forget

Finding the best beach villa is hard when there is so many to choose from. I have been travelling abroad for many years now and have stayed in some amazing countries with stunning beaches and villas that stand the test of time, both in terms of beauty and location. A beach villa must have a lot of specifications to make it on to my top 10 beach villas and below I have listed some of my favorite. I got a nice beach villa here last summer and this is for those who want something special from their holiday destination.

I love scuba diving and riding jet skis which means that the beach villa must be close to a local town/city for me to hire and take back to my beach villa. This also makes it practical for when exploring, eating out and fine dining too if I want. My and my partner love walking along the beach and exploring the surrounding areas, which adds to the holiday experience. I also prefer a villa that has a pool for those days that I want to lay around the pool and get a tan under the sun.

One of my favorite beach villas of all-time is Presidential Villa at Azura, which is stunning and made to indulge all your senses with stunning views, crystal clear pools and a beach that stretches for miles. The beach offers scuba diving a few miles away from the villa and makes for an amazing activity when wanting to dive and see the underworld of the sea. They have a variety of fish diversity and is an amazing sight that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Greece has some stunning beaches and the villas are at affordable prices. Tinos KP is a well-known villa for tourists wanting to indulge in pure luxury. This villa has everything from heating tiles for at night to stunning pools that are surrounding with views that are next to none in terms of beauty.

Best Activities To Do In The UAE

No matter, whether you are visiting the UAE for the first time or the nth time, every time, the experience you gain and the list of activities you get to perform is unique that makes this country one of the interesting holiday destinations of the ‘Middle East’. Not only that, people belonging to any nationality and any age group could find this place thoroughly accommodating and that is why, one of its important cities and indeed, the largest city of the country, the Dubai is referred as ‘The Center of Now’. If you are looking for the list of activities suitable for you in this accommodating country, check our mind-blowing suggestions below!

  • Tourist attractions

From mosques to museums, there are a plethora of tourist attractions to excite yours and your family’s holiday spirit, which you can find only in few other destinations of the world. The prominent ‘Burj Khalifa’ is indeed the main attraction spot of the country, from where you can not only witness the exquisite nature of the city/country but also the exquisite nature of the ‘mother nature’ itself!I went for the attraction in dubai, specifically, because the choices are inclusive that can satisfy the unique taste of every person in your family belonging to every age group!

  • Lavish food

Perhaps, you might have witnessed luxury in everything, except for the food, which you can now witness by visiting this lavish food-hub of the Middle East. From stuffed camel meat to Balaleet, you can get to taste the unique food varieties that are not readily available in the other parts of the world. Although the place is exclusively non-vegetarian friendly, it can certainly support the preferences of a vegetarian lover by offering top-class vegetarian food varieties all throughout the year, so earnestly!

  • Enough pampering

While holidaying in the UAE, you have enough spa choices to pamper yourself, which can be a welcoming relief, especially after your exhausted touring of popular attraction sites. You can decide, how to pamper yourself that is by following which international style of spa service, a unique quality that is only rarely found in other tourist destinations of the world.