Travel Report: Statistics And Facts

Travel has come a long way from what used to be purely for work or luxury. Today, even those who cannot afford much, travel around the world, but on a different budget line. People have become more conscious about traveling to unique destinations, budgeted travel and simple to have more fun than making a statement to the society.

Afraid of travel? Worried it may not match up to your expectations or you may be required to do things you would otherwise not do? Being skeptical about a new place and adventure is acceptable, but you cannot let it become a fear and consume your travel opportunities.

Some Facts

Here are some facts about travel in the last few years. This will show you how everyone has opened up to the idea of visiting new places and gain new experiences.


·         Leisure travelers, who used to travel regularly, have reduced their travel to once or twice a year. They opt for longer travel than frequent travel. This enables them to enjoy a place more and get a taste of the local lifestyle, rather than just get more stamps on their passports.

·         People research more about travel before they head out. People do not trust travel agents blindly. With smartphones usage on the rise, people research more about places on their phones, go to the travel agent armed with information and get a personalized itinerary of their choice.


So, How to Stop being afraid of travelling?

Well, you should first get a group together and plan a trip. Bring together a group of people whom you trust and are comfortable with. When you are comfortable, you tend to enjoy more and let go of all your inhibitions.

Travel can be a lot more fun and a true opportunity to gain life-changing experiences. The secret is to embrace the opportunity and go with an open mind.