Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Elizabeth Graham, a travel blogger from Huntington, WV.


Perhaps you’re wondering why I have a blog that features only one city—and a relatively unknown travel destination at that.


Well, here goes my story: I’ve been traveling around the world since 2010, and Moscow (the Russian capital) is among my travel bucket list. I mentioned it to a fellow travel I met way back, and she recommended this one city that I heard for the first time (not counting the name of Russia’s president).


And so, when I finally got to fulfill my long-awaited journey to Moscow, I made sure to have a side trip to—what’s that again? Yeah, Vladimir! After visiting its cathedrals and museums, I fell in love with the city (by the way, I’m an architect by profession), so much so that I promised myself that I’d create a blog that promotes its rich culture and history.


And so, after so many years, here I am now with this Vladimir travel blog. I hope to inspire travelers to explore this ancient city, take in everything it has to offer, and come back home with wonderful memories.


Care to share your experience traveling to Vladimir? You can reach me via email: support@vladimir-russia.info. Looking forward to reading your stories!