Car travel: everything you need to hire a travel vehicle

There are those travelers who like autonomy and freedom to decide what they want to see when they want to see and if they want to see. They are the kinds that abhor group tours and savor the wheels in their hands. While there are advantages to be on your own whether traveling internally or in a foreign land, there are certain guidelines that you must be aware of before hiring any vehicle.

A few things that you must be clear about before you hire a car is what is the purpose of the car – is it for a business trip or for a more adventurous one (often the car rental agency will guide you on which vehicle is suited for which terrain). The next step is what is the budget and how do you plan to pay – online via credit card or with cash in the storefront. Once that is sorted you need to have the following documents in hand before you hire a vehicle anywhere in the world.

  • Driver’s license and passport: You cannot hire a car without a valid driving license. In a foreign land along with your license, you need your passport.
  • International Driving Permit: This is a document that certifies that you are capable of driving a vehicle elsewhere in the world other than your native land. It must have a12 month validity.
  • Address proof: You must carry with you documents relating to your place of stay. It can be a bank statement or utility bills if you belong to the same country in other cases your hotel booking reference maybe needed. Some dealers ask for a credit card statement if you choose to use it for payment.
  • Travel documents: Some companies require copies of your flight tickets or hotel bookings to ascertain your identity.

It is important that you read all the terms and conditions of a car rental agency before hiring a car. Car and Climate is a reputable agency that hires cars and motorhome to tourists to Scotland; my father hired a motorhome in Scotland from here and was very pleased with the condition of the vehicle and the service of the staff.