Top Tips for Eating Heathy While Traveling

Probably the biggest effect of traveling is on your sante. The change in weather, water, food and the general disruption of a regular routine leading to untimely meals and long grueling, fun-filled no doubt, days of physical exertion can take a toll on your health. But if you can plan and prepare before a trip what to eat and what to take handy you should have no issues.

Here are a few tips to make it smooth sailing.

  1. Carry healthy snacks: Nuts, fresh fruits and maybe rice crackers must find a place in your handbag at all times. They can keep hunger pangs at bay and are nutritious unlike junk food like chips.
  2. Hydrate with water: Water is the best drink during travel and please do not substitute it with any sugary drink. Carry your own bottled water everywhere you go.
  3. Don’t skip meals: As far as possible do not skip the three major meals of the day. Frequent intake every four to six hours will give your body the fuel it needs for the sightseeing and fun activities.
  4. Control liquid calories: A common mistake during traveling is to reach for sugary drinks to satiate thirst and at times hunger too. This leads to an excess of calories and very honestly does not make the hunger go away. Drink if you must but always share with others and this will reduce the number of empty calories that you take.
  5. Don’t deny the pleasure of exquisite cuisine: You are on a holiday and you must enjoy every moment. Do not deny yourself a dessert on the menu because you want to control the calories. Once again share it with your family, this will ensure that you are satisfied but not gone overboard.

Traveling is fun as one discovers new cultures and new cuisines and gather a lifetime of experiences and memories. Just by being aware of what you eat, you can ensure that your digestive system stays on track even after a vacation.