Pros And Cons Of Wearing Sandals On A Trip

Going on a vacation and still deciding on which footwear to choose that is comfortable yet fashionable, and then choose to wear the sandals. These are definitely best to be worn when you are going to sandy beaches. However take care that the heel strap and the part in front do not start wearing at the skin. They tend to burst immediately and this leaves behind sores. This can really spoil your vacation then.

I found the best sandals for walking here, if you thought so then also be careful to not wear them in cases where there are chances of flooding. There will be no other option than to plough through the flood in your sandals.

And if you have got the blisters on your feet then be prepared for abrasions on your feet because bruises invites infection. There have been conditions where travellers had huge medical conditions because they wore sandals on their feet even though their sore was mild. This is because the ground that you walk on with your sandals is full of bacteria which can cause infections. This can lead to serious infections.

So if you are planning to wear sandals to your next trip then remember to wear sandals if it is a beach destination, but nowhere else. If you have any sores on your feet then it is best to avoid sandals. Or you will have to bandage them up because an open cut can cause serious problems. Small wounds can also lead to big infections.

However if you are travelling on a budget and want to travel light that sandals are the best option because they go well as day as well as a night wear. It is important to take care that you choose only comfortable sandals with either a flat or a block heel and made of material that will not led to bruises on your feet.