The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Camping Trip in 2018

Planning on a camping trip? Here is the ultimate guide to help you plan the perfect camping trip in 2018:


Research about the place you would like to visit. It is always better to have a backup option so that you can collect enough information about both the places, weigh the pros and cons and then decide.

If you are fixated about a particular spot, read up as much as possible on the place and blogs by people who have already been there. This will give you a detailed insight into what you can expect when you camp there.


Buy required items in advance. There are perishables you cannot buy until the last minute bit other regular items can be bought in advance. This will give you time to hunt for missing items if any and not land you in a stressful situation, close to your trip.


Decide on your company. Be it, family or friends, brief them about the trip so that they are well aware of what to expect. When you are surprised with the certain unexpected turn of events, you will require the support of your companions who are as well prepared as you.

If you feel they are not the right crowd for such a trip, you should consider avoiding them as a camping trip can be a big failure when it is done with the wrong people.


Pack all essentials first and then the extras, depending on weight and space left. When you get the essentials out of the way, you can play around with the space left and not be stressed at the camping site because you forgot to pack something in a hurry.

Just because you are going to be out in the woods, you need not carry the best saw you read about on Ensure you get a checklist from the tour operator or from the website of the place you are visiting. The tour guides will know what is really required and help you bring the essentials.